Getting Started

👋 Welcome! Get your team started:
  • Invite your teammates to come work with you
      • Click Settings & Members
      • Send an Invite link to let people join
      • Click Add a member to send email invites
  • Add more teamspaces to give each department their own dedicated areas
      • Use the General teamspace for company-wide docs & projects
      • Click the + New teamspace button to make spaces for engineers, designers & more
      • Your colleagues can join and leave teamspaces to customize their sidebars
      • Click the ••• next to a teamspace’s name to customize its owners, members & settings
  • Click + in your sidebar to add pages
      • Pages in Teamspaces are shared with different areas of the company
      • Pages in Private are not shared with any other workspace members
      • Click Share at the top right to invite others to a page
      • Click Templates in your sidebar to add pre-made pages
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